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Who We Are

Calvary Baptist Schools (CBS) is a private Christian school located in the city of La Verne, California and operated as a ministry of Calvary Baptist Church, which was founded in 1953. The church is a member of the Baptist Missionary Association (BMA). The focus of our school and church ministry is mission work, both in our local community and throughout the world.

CBS offers a warm, intimate campus with a tight-knit community where children blossom to their fullest potential. Among a society where isolation threatens potential growth and maturation, our personal touch has been a welcome relief to many families. Fifty years of experience has refined our focus and our priorities. We are dedicated to training young people who are willing to give their best to the service of the Lord in any of the various walks of life to which He may call them. There are many fantastic schools in our surrounding area; we thank you for considering Calvary Baptist Schools. May God lead you to the perfect fit for your student.

W.A.S.C. Accredited Education
Education from a Christian Worldview
Guidance for Higher Learning

Mission & Vision Statement

At Calvary Baptist Schools (CBS) our mission is to inspire learners’ success in the rapidly changing 21st Century, to empower lifelong potential for learning, to engage in our passion to live-out God’s word as we serve globally, and to be the model for educational innovation.

To inspire… a learner-centered environment focused on the integration of our Christian faith with real-world connectivity and meaning of content understanding through an engaging, interdisciplinary, project-based curriculum. To empower… a relationship-based environment of learners who are collaborative, respectful, self-managed, culturally inclusive and activated in their emotional intelligences. To innovate… as we grow in knowledge and ability through the implementation of 21st Century skills within a fully Collaborative Learning environment.

Our Leaders

Lincoln Dial

Senior Pastor/Principal

Young Lee

Vice Principal/Academic Advisor & International Director

Frank Garrido

Assistant Pastor/Vice Principal

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