Acceptance Policy

Calvary Baptist Schools does not discriminate in admissions with respect to sex, race, color or national origin. We accept students of a myriad of academic abilities. However, not all students are automatically accepted at CBS. Specifically, students who actively oppose attending here, students who desire to work against the cause of Christ, students who fail to cooperate with school rules and policies, students who live independently of parents or guardians, students who are pregnant or are parents may not attend Calvary. Students who have been asked to leave may petition our school board for consideration. Students accepted under this condition are admitted on a probationary basis, subject to periodic review.

Grading Policy

Calvary Baptist Schools provides progress reports every three weeks. Grades are given on a percentage basis, as follows:

  • 90 – 100% = A
  • 80 – 89% = B
  • 70 – 79% = C
  • 60 – 69% = D
  • 0 – 59% = F

Report cards are mailed on a quarterly basis. Grades are converted to a letter grade and recorded on cumulative records on a semester basis.

For More Information

Families wishing to know more about Calvary Baptist Schools are encouraged to contact our school office at 909-593-4672. An interview with the administrator(s) is required of all prospective students. A tour of our campus, tuition schedules, and additional information will be provided upon request.

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