Frequently Asked Questions


Is Calvary Baptist Schools Accredited?




Yes! Calvary Baptist Schools is fully W.A.S.C. accredited.



Are there requirements to attend CBS?



As part of our Mission Statement to reach as many with the “Good News” of Jesus Christ; We are excited to accept anyone that is willing to be a part of our family and abide with our general school policies.


What curriculum do you use?

We select the curriculum that we feel best teaches the students what they need to know in any particular subject area. Our teachers, who are believers, in turn teach the subject area from a Biblical worldview.


Are CBS teachers credentialed?


All of our teachers are credentialed, in the process of being credentialed or pursuing an accepted certificate recognized by a State. All of our teachers are qualified to teach in the subject area and are in constant professional development.


Do you have a Uniform Policy?

Yes, we have a uniform policy. Unfortunately our vendor abruptly closed and we are in the process of acquiring the services of a new uniform company. This information will be available soon, please check back with us.


Do you offer an online payment option?


Yes, we offer the ability for online payments through our website, by clicking the “Pay Now” quick button on the top of the Home page and also offer a payment option on our very own CBS app. The app is completely free and available on the IOS and Android play stores. To download please search CB La Verne.


Other FAQ’S

What is the Grading Policy?



We adhere to a traditional grading scale. This can be found in our handbooks provided on this website under parent resources.


Is there a requirement for parents to do service hours?


Although we encourage parents to participate in service opportunities, we do not require it. Our desire is for parents to come along with us on the various opportunities throughout the year. One way to get informed is by participating in our P.T.F.(Parent Teacher Fellowship)


Can i track my student's progress online?



Yes! We use Renweb, an online grading system that allows parents and teachers to be in constant communication with each other and offers an up to date progress on their classes. In the enrollment process a form is filled out to receive your credentials.


Do you participate in CIF sports?


Yes we participate in CIF HS sports. We offer Football (Boys), Volleyball (Girls), Basketball (Both), Baseball, Softball and Track. We are in the Majestic League.


Does Junior High offer sports?


Yes. We offer Flag football (Boys), Volleyball (Girls), Basketball (Both), and Co-ed Soccer. We participate in the San Gabriel Christian League.


Is lunch provided?


We do not have a hot lunch program at this time. We ask that students bring a lunch. For those students not brining a lunch we do have a snack bar open both during break time and lunch time where students can purchase food and snacks.


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